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Typical cryptocurrency payment gateways add fees for each transaction. We don't.

Probably you heard from a blockchain enthusiast that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. are one of the most significant money revolution since the past century as it is distributed, fast, and nobody can take control of the market and manipulate it. We also believe it.

However, typical cryptocurrency payment gateways take a percentage % of every sale you do. Transaction fees are required so that the network (miners) can verify transactions. We don't deny it. However, we believe no other fee should be added. That's why we created ioChain.

Create Your Application

Creating your application takes 2 minutes. First you will have to provide a name, an HTTP callback URL and email so that we can notify you on every event related to your transactions. You can also provide a set of custom parameters, such as the User ID which is used to add metadata on the transaction.

Clients Make Payments Directly to your Wallet

Transactions are not processed to our wallets - they are done directly to your existing wallet(s). You just need to enter your public address in our dashboard to get started receiving payments. No manual payout required.

Get Notified

Using the custom parameters (e.g., User ID) you configured, we match them to the processed transactions. You get notified via email and to your HTTP API (endpoint) with detailed information on the transaction. You can efficiently match your client to the transaction in order to operate your web app and process orders.

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Getting Started

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Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments is Easy!

The first step to get started is to register on our website. You will only have to enter minimal information such as your name, email address, and password.

By registering, you will obtain a free tier plan, which allows to process 3 transactions per month.

You will next need to create an application, which essentially allows to provide an HTTP Callback URL.

Then, you will be able to genarate payment links and copy them to your website and start receiving payments. That's it!

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